Vegas Golden Knights

Parking information can be found HERE


For guests visiting Toshiba Plaza, the following restrictions apply:

  • NO Coolers
  • NO Large Bags or Backpacks
  • NO Weapons
  • NO Unopened Outside Alcohol

PLEASE NOTE: Enhanced security measures will be in place during Vegas Golden Knights games. Please be prepared to encounter additional security. 

Hop on the Golden Knights Express!  Pick-up and drop-off locations can be found HERE.
Other transportation information can be found HERE.

Pick-up is at the northwest Excalibur® Hotel & Casino lot. Fans will be able to walk under the Tropicana bridge on Frank Sinatra to the designated lot. The walk is about 4.5 minutes long.

Want Golden Knights gear? The Armory Team Store offers a variety of new and exclusive items. The store is located to the right of the main arena entrance and is open daily from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Hours may vary on event days. Call The Armory at 702-692-1606 for more information.

Food, games, and live entertainment will be available on Toshiba Plaza starting one hour before game doors open.  

Feb 22, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Florida Panthers

7:00PM / Doors 5:45PM
Feb 26, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers

7:30PM / Doors 6:15PM
Feb 28, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Buffalo Sabres

7:00PM / Doors 5:45PM
Mar 1, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings

7:30PM / Doors 6:15PM
Mar 3, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. New Jersey Devils

7:00PM / Doors 5:45PM
Mar 17, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars

7:00PM / Doors 5:45PM
Mar 21, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Detroit Red Wings

7:00PM / Doors 5:45PM
Mar 23, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

7:00PM / Doors 5:45PM
Mar 25, 2020

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes

7:30PM / Doors 6:15PM