Bag Check & Policy


Bag Check with Binbox Lockers

Located on Toshiba Plaza adjacent to Allegiant Stage. Pricing starts at $20 per checked bag which is non-refundable. Debit/credit and mobile payment, such as Apple or Google Pay, are acceptable forms of payment. No cash will be accepted. T-Mobile Arena has a “No Re-Entry” policy for all events and bags will not be accessible during the event. Bag check opens the same time as arena doors for each event and closes 45 minutes post-event. Bags remaining after bag check closes will be returned to Lost & Found. To contact Lost & Found, please email

Bag Policy

No bags or backpacks will be permitted in into the venue except for small clutches (9”x5”x2” max). Please see specific event page at Upcoming Events for more information on specific events that may enforce a modified bag policy.