Vegas Golden Knights

The Dream is a Reality! NHL Hockey is Coming to Las Vegas 

Our story began with one goal, to bring NHL® hockey to Las Vegas. And Las Vegas is ready — ready for the energy, excitement and thrill that only NHL® hockey can deliver. We’ve done the research, polled the community and rallied our local businesses. ALL are eager to support an NHL® team. Las Vegas is ready to join the elite list of “NHL® Cities”.

Time to Make Las Vegas a Professional Sports Town 

We are passionate about the game and dedicated to bringing the high-energy excitement of NHL® action to the Las Vegas community. We are dedicated to seeing more than 40 hockey games played in our hometown each season, sharing the excitement of having an NHL® team in Las Vegas and showing the world that Las Vegas is a professional sports town. We are committed to creating a successful legacy franchise. With roots in the Las Vegas community, we are dedicated to seeing it grow.

For Our Community 

We want friends and families to attend games together — and look forward to those outings, where memories will be created. We want coworkers to gather around the water cooler the day after an exciting hockey game to talk about the plays, the hat tricks and who got iced. And, we want to add to the quality of life in Las Vegas. We believe an NHL® team in Las Vegas will make all of this a reality.

For Our Youth 

Hockey is an excellent motivator for our youth, teaching the value of team skills, hard work and determination. If we are able to secure a team in Las Vegas, we are committed to supporting youth hockey in Las Vegas through the development of youth hockey rinks, programs and other activities.

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